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What Our Inspection Covers:

"Don't judge a house by its cover" - Some houses may look immaculate on the outside, but inside, structurally or electrically they need some fast attention, don't get caught off guard.

  • Lot Grading and signs of water penetration.
  • Roof Type and Condition.
  • Foundation, Structure of Walls and Roof.
  • Exterior Wall Coverings, Decks, Patios and Walks.
  • Attic, Crawl Spaces and Basement Area.
  • Attached Garage or Carport.
  • Heating, Plumbing and Air Condition Units.
  • Interior Doors, Floors, Windows, Walls and Ceilings.
  • Electrical panel, GFI, Feed and Outlets.

What you can expect from Boydette Home Inspection:

  • A Complete Top to Bottom Visual Inspection of all components of the property.
  • Confidence in being aware of any defects and existing conditions.
  • A fully qualified, trained and Government Licensed Inspector.
  • Value for your money.
  • Respect for your property and your needs.
  • Flexibility - your schedule is our schedule.
  • Unbiased Opinion - we are looking after your interests, and yours alone.
  • Peace of Mind knowing your decision is based on accurate information.

What You will Receive from the Inspection:

  • A complete report, both written and verbal in a three ring binder
  • We use Horizon Software Inspection Reports - the most power full reports on the market.
  • Qualified Inspection from a CAHPI and RHI Certified Inspector
  • Completive Prices, we love our job
  • Confidential Service, customer trust is valuable
  • Peace of Mind knowing it was done right
  • Prompt Service - same day service as report
  • Free After Inspection Phone Support
  • Free Copies of Information and Home Maintenance Booklets
  • One Year Promise of Extended Service.

byron inspecting furnace
Byron inspecting furnace with a Spotlight and Highly Sensitive Gas Detector..


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